On page SEO

There are no shortcuts to a high-quality audience with good conversion rates, only hard work, experience, and the right connections that will help us getting our content about your site posted in the right places, with backlinks that actually bring in visitors (and which Google’s robots fall in love with).

Internal links

We will take care of you website link architectural structure for by best SEO practises

Meta data

We also look at advanced strategies such as Schema.org, images, videos, sitemaps, robots.txt and more.

Page speed

We will take care that page speed will one of the biggest factor for the best results in organic search

The most common technical SEO issues that we encounter are:

  • Website Programming – Web technology has come a long way over the last decade. There are many new features that can be implemented to improve the user experience. However, some programming, such as AnglularJS, creates issues with search engine optimization.
  • Internal Linking and Site Navigation – It’s also critical to use a logical navigation structure that ensures that website visitors and search engines are able to navigate to all of your important pages.
  • Page Load Speed – One of the +200 factors that influence search engine algorithm is how fast your web pages load in a visitors browser. It’s very important to review all page elements and find opportunities to reduce load time so all web pages will load as fast as possible.
  • XML Sitemap – One of the most effective ways to get your new web pages indexed quickly into the search engines is to create and manage an XML sitemap.

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